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Travel in China can be amazingly difficult at the busy times.  If you don't beleive me, check out the picture of the queues at the train station to buy a ticket.  Luckilly, we went there early in the morning before the biggest crowds arrived.  As we had to go to three counters before we were served it was a good thing that we didn't go when the queues were like this!

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The Terracotta warriors were another one of the amazing sites we saw on the trip.  The most shocking thing though, is not what they have dug up, its the realisation of how much more there probably is that is down there that hasn't been touched yet over a massive site.

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Even without the terracotta warriors Xian would be a very interesting place to visit.  Lots of cities in China have been capital of one dynasty or another, and the emporers that made their home in Xi'an left lots of interesting things for modern day visitors to see.  There is also a very lively street life in the Muslim quarter and the most un-mosque like mosque that I've ever seen (just below).

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These are a few snaps taken from the Stele museum.  Read Ed's email home about this and all the sites in Xian.

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