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Yang Shuo

Yangshuo is a small town in the north of the southern Guangxi province.  Its not very far away from Wuhan and takes only a little more than an hour to fly there.  However, the geography is radically different.  The concrete and industrial Wuhan city seems a million miles away from here where the land shoots up into massive rock pillars in one area and then is perfectly flat and level the next.

Yangshuo has been found out by lots of foreign backpackers.  During the Golden holiday weeks (there are two of these 'bank holidays' a year)  just about everybody else in China tries to find it out too.  It was very busy, but you can see why people come.

For some of our time here it rained very heavily.  Although quite a lot of scrabble was played, we also took in some cultural classes in calligraphy and Chinese cooking too.  The results of all this and more are below.  This is certainly one place though where the land speaks for itself.



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Cormorant Fishing on the Li River

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Typical Yang Shuo hostelries


Typical Yang Shuo rainy-day activities



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