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Just before I left I bought a digital camera.  I've been dragging it around with me ever since and here are a few of the galleries that are now on show.

By the way (just in case you didn't catch on) all the photos on this site are taken by me (unless I am in them - and sometimes even then!)

Jing Zhou

It is said that people are obsessed by size in America.  If it is true of America the same can be said in spades about China.  Take this typical service station for instance.  The rooves on the tops of these things are truly enormous.  Then consider the restaurant in my part of Wuhan that can seat 10,000.  The bridge below was also truly huge, but then again, as the Yangtze is the third longest river in the world then I suppose you have to have some pretty major bridges.  On this one the trains run on the lower deck and the busses, lorries and cars run on the upper.














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