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Although was 13 hours train-ride north of Beijing, it still felt warmer than the capital because the wind was reasonably tame whilst we were there.  In actual fact, the temperatures varied from -15 to -25 whilst we were there.  As you can see in one of the photos below, theice creams that were sold on the street were really sold on the street.  No need for a freezer.  You just put the boxes out and people can pick them up.

Spare a thought, though for the chicks above that were slowly being put into a premature deep chill before they fell off their pedastal and were swiftly replaced by four more birds from an polystyrene box.

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The reason why we and many other people went to Harbin was the Ice Festival.  You can see a very, very small selection of the hundreds of ice and snow sculptures that are prepared every year for the months of December and January.

It was particularly nice having seen the real Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Terracotta Warriors and Tiananment square to be able to see all these again in ice.

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