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I went to university in Stoke on Trent where I took American Studies for three years.  For much of the time at university I lived on a narrow-boat called Barnaby.  The middle of England is covered by a network of canals that were built during the height of the Industrial Revolution.  Nowadays very little commercial traffic is carried on the canals.  Most canals were only built to take boats with a maximum width of 6'6".  You can see more of these kind of boats here.

I also spent one semester on a pioneering university exchange program with Alfred University, a private university in the far north of New York state.  It was incredibly cold and my experiences there have helped me cope with the very cold weather we experience in Wuhan.  Highlights of my time in Alfred include watching the Hale-Bopp commet in black skies wonderfully clear of light pollution, eating far too much Ben and Jerry's ice-cream and playing the part of KoKo in the universities production of The Mikado.  I found the people in Alfred and throughout America to be amazingly friendly and polite.  I have many very fond memories of my time there.


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