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Spring Outing

Class 8 invited me to join them on their Spring outing at the beginning of April.  In Wuhan, this is the perfect time to go on a trip.  The days can be quite sunny and warm.  They can also be quite hot or quite wet and windy.

Luckily, Rita, who organised the trip, chose the perfect day.  We went to a place called Wuhan National Minorities Village.  This is Wuhan's version of the World Showcase at Epcot, but with more singing and dancing.

Every minority had their own little show.  Most of them encouraged us to take part in it too.  The all seemed to come from Yunnan, too.  Yunnan is a province in the far South-West of China and borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma.  I wanted to go before, but now I definitely want to go and see what its like, rather than the slightly artificial settings of the "National Village".

Good, wholesome fun was had by all.  When we were all exhausted we had a barbecue and more wholesome singing and dancing in the evening left us wholesomely exhausted (If any students are reading this, never use the word 'wholesomely')

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