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Ten things you can buy in Chinese Supermarkets

1 Frozen dumplings

2 Walls Ice Cream

3 Orange Juice (but only a very few big supermarkets have it and its at least as expesive as it is in the UK which makes it very expensive over here)

4 electric massage chairs (nearly every large supermarket have had these, even though they are very expensive)

5 Live Chickens

6 Live turtles and tortoises

7 Live seafood (lots of choice)

8 Live frogs

9 Cheap DVDs (just bought Hulk and Finding Nemo for 70p each)

10 Cheap DVD players (start at 40 pounds)

Ten Things you can't buy in Chinese Supermarkets

1 Deoderant

2 Tuna

3 Dead Frogs

4 Floss

5 Mr Sheen or equvilent

6 Flash floor cleaner or equivilent

7 Mars bar/Twix/Snickers

8 Pizza Hut Fiorentina's

9 Ready Meals

10 Lib Dem News


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Launched on December 25th 2003