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Hello, I'm Fanny!

A boyish girl, I like comics, music (especially rock) and playing net games.  In my spare time I like to do and talk about some unusual things with my best friend.  Birds of a feather flock together.  So my best friend and I are the best partners in the world.  On my pages you can see all the things about my group of friends.  The articles and pictures are all done by ourselves.  If you are interested in our things you can join us.  You are welcome!

By the way,  I think music is the most music the most beautiful thing in the world.  So before you enter my page you can choose the background music that you like.  You will feel relaxed and happy.

(Unfortunately - due to the web designer not knowing how to put on music this option is temporarily unavailable)

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Launched on December 25th 2003