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This picture shows three live dogs whimpering in a cage and three skinned dogs hanging just above them.  It doesn't show the dead dog that had just been taken out of the cage and killed just off to the right.  Remember, as they say in Thailand;  A dog is not just for Christmas.  With a bit of luck there'll be some left over for Boxing Day.




This second, photo was grabbed by me, rather than a friend.  I'm sorry about the tasteless man in front!  He is a good friend of mine called Jon.  This was taken just next to the centre of the shopping centre of this city.  Some people have tried to tell me that dogs aren't eaten in China.  But I'm not sure what else they were going to do with these critters if they weren't going to eat them!








Fat People

 I'm not sure where I should put this picture - but it seems strangely appropriate to put it below the dog.  This pair of underpants for "fat people" was part of our "Mini Bar" in the hotel when we were visiting Jing De Zhen.  Please note the pint of lager in his hand and the way that the photo has been stretched to make him look even bigger than he is.  Also, on a sadder note, these are the only pants that have actually fitted me in China.  Others have been very, very small. 

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Launched on December 25th 2003