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If you still don't know what I'm talking about - follow one of the links below for enlightenment!

Diplomacy Fan
Does exactly what it says in the advert.

Play Diplomacy Online
Playing Diplomacy online, either via email or over the Web.

Strategy for Diplomacy
A collection of the best online resources for helping improve your strategy in playing the board game Diplomacy.

Variants for Diplomacy
A collection of variants and alternative rules for the board game Diplomacy.

Diplomacy vs. Survivor
The CBS "reality" show has a lot in common with the venerable board game -- but which is better?

Diplomatic Pouch Zine
For my money, the best Diplomacy-related publication available anywhere, and it's all available free online.

The official set of questions and answers from the Diplomacy newsgroup.

From The Diplomatic Pouch, more than 220 maps for Diplomacy and its many variants.

Topic Index
An alphabetical list of hundreds of Diplomacy topics. Maintained by Simon Szykman.




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Launched on December 25th 2003