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In order to give my research practical application part of the project will seek to develop a successful multimedia application for mobile phones.  It is hoped that this could be done in conjunction with MTV, however, this is not essential.

It is envisaged that results from the research will point towards a strong suitability of platform to function.  With built in speakers, microphones and graphic displays, Mobile phones seem to be a perfect platform from which to learn and practice communication.  

Can a language learning program be devised that:

  1. answers the main outcomes of the research into successful mobile applications?
  2. makes use of the technology in mobile phones
  3. successfully delivers its learning goals and encourages users to download more lessons?
  4. is small enough to be downloaded onto a phone?

As I have taught English in universities in Asia, the language I will focus on will be English.

I will investigate the use of Flash Lite, a platform available to over 8 million mobile phone users in Japan.

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Launched on December 25th 2003