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My site is still pretty much how it was two years ago when I was living in China, but as I'm getting a few visitors now that are interested in what I'm doing over the next couple of months, I think I ought to at least update this page.

The main bit of news is that I'm standing in the elections for the Fortune Green ward of Camden.

I've known Flick Rea for many years now and was very flattered when she asked me to stand with her at this set of elections.

Fortune Green is in the far north-west of Camden Borough. As such it sometimes gets forgotten about by council officials who are based far in the south. This is especially true of the area around Broadway. This is the continuation of the Kilburn High Road. It has the misfortune of falling between the borough's of Camden, Brent and Barnet. Each of the authorities tries to ignore this corner of their boroughs. The current Councillors, Flick and Jane, have done a great job to get more attention for this area. I certainly see it as one of my responsibilities, if I get elected, to follow up on this work.

I know from friends who are councillors, that one of the frustrations of being a back-bench councillor is that all the decission making is now taken by the Council Executive - currently all Labour. Ward Councillors don't get to have as much input as they used to in the policy process of the Council.

The good news, however, is that the Lib Dem campaign is going very well across the borough. The number of high profile visits we've had in the campaign is a testament to how seriously we are being taken. Ming Campbell, Charles Kennedy, Simon Hughes, Chris Huhne, Nick Clegg, and the neighbouring MPs Lynne Featherstone and Sarah Teather have also been to help.

The results at the last General Election showed how well the Lib Dems did across the borough - coming a clear 2nd place to Labour. Reports I'm having from the Kings Cross ward (lots of students), Cantelowes (lots of angry tenants upset by the ALMO mishandling) and Kentish Town suggest that we could well win control of that all-important executive.

Other parts of my life are on hold at the moment. Have a look around the site to see some of the historic stuff. As a holder of an MSc in Interactive Multimedia I have to hang my head in shame about the general state of the site - but I've got one or two things on at the moment that are holding me back from giving it the revamp I think it deserves.

In the mean time - you can find out more about the campaign by going to

Just in case anyone's checking, the legalistas amongst you might like to learn that this page was printed and published by P Vince, on behalf of Russell Eagling (Liberal Democrat) both at Flat 5, 30 Eton Av., London, NW3 3HL. Hosted by One and One, The Nova Building, Herschel Street, Slough, SL1 1XS. Dull I know!)

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